Automated Punching of Sheet Metal Parts

This customer was having material handling issues due to the size and weight of their sheet metal blanks. Every operation would require 2-people to handle the product. This was creating safety hazards as well as being very labor-intensive.

Our goal for this system was to reduce the amount of material handling required and allow 1 person to operate the system in a safe manner. We accomplished this by reducing the number of times the product was physically touched from 2 times to zero. The product was now introduced from a previous operation directly into the cell in a stacked form. A robotic system with various stations processed the parts as needed and stacked them for use in the next operation. The operator was responsible for entering a part number in the HMI and moving the stacked parts in and out of the cell on wheeled carts. This system not only saved labor and material handling but produced a more consistent product at a higher rate than the previous manual system.

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