This industrial automation robotic machine tending allows for three different operations to occur within the three different machines.

The parts in this cell are loaded onto a rotary table by an operator. Each rotary table can hold multiple parts on both sides. Operators load one side by hand and rotate the table into the robotic cell for the robot to swoop in and pick one up at a time to be placed inside the tombstone fixture of the machine. Once the parts are loaded onto the fixture, the machine rotates the parts inside for machining and the machine rotates out the finished parts. The robot then grabs the part from the first operation, re-picks for ultimate grip, and places it in a shuttle made of rollers to be gravity fed into the next operational cell.

This is then repeated throughout the operations and at the end, the robot re-orientates its grip on the part and neatly stacks the finished part inside a basket. This basket is then rotated out of the cell so the operator has full access safely away from the robot behind the fence of the cell to remove the baskets and palatalize the parts.

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