Robotic Welding

At CNC Solutions, we recommend companies make the move to robotic welding applications slowly at first, usually starting out with a simple weld project using a single welding robot cell.

Once familiarizing themselves with the automated welding process, we urge them then to tackle the hard to handle parts with our help.
It takes multiple steps when confronted with complicated parts when transforming them into a fully automated welding process using advanced fixtures and sensors.

Common Types of Robotic Welding

Robot’s Unique Characteristics and Top Manufacturers

When a part is difficult to reach or has many complex welds robots, begin to shine with their impressive welding capabilities.

Most welding robots consist of a skinnier arm to be able to squeeze into those harder to reach areas. The shape of their welding torch cone may vary, their reach, payload, and speeds will define the robots’ ability to create precision welds.

Many manufacturers handle robotic welding very well, the ones we often use are the FANUC Arc Welding Robots and also Yaskawa AR Series Arc Welding Robots. (seen below in the video) Both of these manufacturers have unique characteristics and play upon their strengths depending on the application on hand.

Be it Arc welding, Tig welding, Mig Welding, and or Spot welding, we always try to pick the right suitor for the job at hand and will quote you the right engineered automated welding solution based on our past experiences in the field.

Surprising Cost Savings on Welding Materials

When utilizing a robot welding system, you’ll be surprised how conservative the robot is with power, gas, and welding wire.

Robotic welding conserves power by having fewer start-ups, remaining running full time during consistent perfect welds. Using its precision accuracy there will be fewer scrap parts and overall you’ll be saving in no time.

Return on your Investment

When investing in a welding robot cell, there are a few upfront costs associated. On average it usually takes about a year to a year and a half to break even with most applications.

But after your initial, you’ll be generating 2x to 5x your profit on average with how efficient robotic production welding will be with the use of robotics and the lack of operators needed to run an automated welding cell installed by CNC Solutions LLC.

Take a look at our writeup about ROI, it’ll be hard not to justify buying an engineered welding solution from us after you’ll see all the money you will saving and profits your making!


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