CNC Solutions LLC Fanuc robot machine tending


CNC Machine Tending Provides Predictable Part Throughput

With the recent loss of labor and lack of workforce, Robotic CNC Machine tending is a great solution. From placing raw parts into machines with or without the help of robotic vision to dropping finished parts off on a conveyor or a dunnage container once complete, Machine tending can be a predictable part throughput you can count on time and time again.

A CNC machine tending robot is ready to pick a raw part in the queue using a multiple finger gripper, vacuum suction cup, and magnet. The parts are picked from a know location repeatedly by either use of a conveyor with vision or multiple tier racking and then place into a CNC machine fixture such as a tombstone or indexer on the table.

During machining operations, the robot may be taught to queue a new raw part in the cell or the robot may be deployed to deburr or finish parts by trimming and also gauging for inspection to completion. When the part is finished machining, the machine door is signaled to be opened and give the ok to the robot to enter. The robot picks the finished part from either chuck or fixture and replaces it with a new raw part. Once completed the robot exits the CNC machine and then sends a signal to the robot to close the door and to start the cycle of the machine program.

Machine Tending By Robots run efficiently

No Stoppages needed or pauses while loading and unloading of parts due to distractions or breaks/shift changes. CNC Machine tending robots may also be engineered to be run “lights out” overnight for an added shift as long as it has a good queue time and part cycle count. The savings from automating a CNC machine is substantially and can be shown with our ROI calculations upon request. It can increase margins, capacity, and improve safety.