A Fanuc robot provided by CNC Solutions assembling different parts

Assembly Robots

When assembling parts, it can be redundant and or most times costly work, assembly robots move far quicker and with better agility than a human, and with the correct tools installed they can be a small risk investment that will go beyond the highest standards needed for all types of manufacturing work.

Automating with an assembly robot may include the use of vision systems. The robot is guided by the vision system to locations on a conveyor for picking and placing of parts and components. It may also be used for insertion into a fixture or machine tool when tight tolerances are needed or locations are variable.

Robotic Assembly Use

Ideal for multiple applications such as; placing adhesives, sealants, small components inside of automotive parts like; gearboxes, transmissions, and also electronics. Medical products and devices along with retail household goods are excellent candidates also for robotic assembly. Clean rooms and robots go hand in hand with each other when in use with pharmaceuticals and don’t succumb to injuries that happen with this type of repetitive work in the industry.

With the flexibility of these types of robots compared to hard automation cells, many products with short life spans and quick runs can be utilized for automation with the use of a modular system like our 10DER products. The off the shelf completely customizable 10DER platform can be used multiple ways and times with the use of its modular platforms using either conveyors, part racking, and or part shelving. If the part is no longer being produced the system may be altered or arranged in a way to be redeployed for the next job or new part number in hours not days.

The cost of Robotic assembly is oftentimes lowered than a dedicated system or “monument” automation as we like to call it. They are flexible, quick to deploy, and can increase quality and most often capacity. This high return investment can pay for itself in likely less than a year and will continue to deliver year after year with efficiency all hours of the day. Making this system the most dependable and trustworthy automation equipment we offer here at CNC Solutions.

We offer total custom assembly (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic) for everything from simple drilling machines to multi-spindle dial machines. We provide concept to completion supervision of your project using 3D Modeling and CAD software, applying the latest technology, and formulating comprehensive documentation.