The new Collaborative CNC Machine tending systems

Automate your machining process using this Queue CNC machine tending system designed for a quick part changeover for Low-Volume High-Mix production.


Removable angled parts tray for consistent part positioning 

Custom array patterns available upon your request

Robot + Controller can be positioned on all sides easily

Can adapt and grow with investment into Q2 series – “cart option”


Adjustable level wheeled feet makes it easy to Queue
from machine to machine, and from application to application.


Queue provides room for multiple weighted parts up to 10kg and it accommodates for different heights.

Compatible with most Cobots!
Mounting bases supplied for Universal Robots UR5 & UR10


Transfer carts are self-aligning with a floating alignment system on the cart for repeatability.

The Array pattern can be customized with built-in part height adjustment system.

(additional carts can be purchased separately)

QUEUE CNC Machine tending system designed and developed by CNC Solutions llc


Run multiple hours unattended and without interruption.
Cut labor costs and repetitive motion injuries

Please Contact CNC Solutions for Pricing and more information


Designed and Developed by CNC Solutions LLC
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