We provide 1-stage, 2-stage or 3-stage signal lights. Our signal lights are in a kit ready for easy installation to your machine. We stock the signal lights in our facility and can be shipped the same day you place your order.

1-Stage CNC Part# 1TSL24G ($296.00 each)

2-Stage CNC Part# 2TSL24GY ($412.00 each)

3-Stage CNC Part# 3TSL24GYR ($423.00 each)

We can also custom configure the signal lights to your specifications including audible signaling. Ideal for shop managers to keep track, at a glance, of the stage of all machinery on the floor.

  • Signal Lights with Audible Tone – Part# 3TSL24GYR-A ($491.00 each)
    Please specify the color you want the tone to be one: Green, Red, or Yellow
  • Audible Tone Only – Part# CNC-AT ($57.oo each)