Parts Catchers

Cost Effectiveness

CNC Solutions parts catchers can be used to easily automate any CNC turning center or lathe. They improve productivity by enabling CNC lathes to run unattended, freeing up operators to handle other tasks. Our Engineers can evaluate your parts catcher needs and offer you a standard product or customized system to meet your needs. Our parts catchers can be easily retro-fitted on your existing equipment or supplied as a kit.

CNC Solutions parts catchers are inexpensive, require minimal set-up, and can be easily retro-fitted to any turning center or lathe.

  • Less expensive than factory provided options.

  • Retro fit-able to new or existing equipment.

  • Standard products or customized solutions.

  • Highest quality.

  • Excellent service.

All parts catchers are made to order.  Please email or call CNC Solutions 888-392-8970 with the following information and we will provide you a quotation.

  • Machine and Model Number

  • Part Shape (round, square, etc.)

  • Part Material (steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.)

  • Part Minimum and Maximum Diameter

  • Part Minimum and Maximum Weight

  • Surface Finish Requirements

  • Unload Cycle Time Required

  • Does the Machine have 2 Spare Finishing M-Codes

  • Location of Company

Please note:  Parts Catchers are non-stock, and engineered to order.  The lead time varies but can be 8-10 weeks from time of receipt of Purchase Order.