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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

This event starting at 10 AM, will feature vendor booths, robotic demos, multiple seminars, food, beverages, and live music starting at 4:30 PM!

Automation demos throughout the entire day.

Timeline of the Event:
10:00 AM: Welcome Speech / Sponsor Recognition.
10:30 AM – End: Post Exchange (PX) Open Vendor Viewing, coupled with LIVE Automation demos.
12:30 PM: Ryan Blaine (Aztalan)+ Randy Roehl (CNC Solutions) seminar: “Success Story Q and A”
1:30 PM: Bryan d’Ouville (Fanuc) seminar: “Correct Robot Fit”
2:30 PM: Misa (Formic)+Randy Tietz (CNC Solutions) seminar: “Keep Your Cash, Deploy Automation”
3:30 PM: Terry Busch + John Phalin (Power/mation) seminar: “How IIoT Will Save Your Business”
4:30 PM: Music / Food Begins

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EVENT Operation Automate at CNC Solutions