CNC Solutions FAQ

There is No Substitute for CNC’s Experience. Read through our FAQ below to learn more.

Do you do work outside of Wisconsin?

Yes we do. We have done work on both the west coast and east coast and as far south as Florida.

Can you help me pick out the automation integration equipment to fit my application?

We can sit down with you and discuss the layout or process of your project and advise machinery along with designing the automation for your project or cell.

What is the scope of your business?

We have 3 parts to our business: Products, Service and Automation. We have designed kits for some of our products for easy plug and play installation. We have many experienced engineers that have worked in the industry for several years here to service your machines. Automation is the key to improving your bottom line because new or existing machinery can be automated to fit your cell design or new project needs.

How long have you been in business?

CNC Solutions has been in business since September 2000.

I have been hearing a lot about safety, but is it really worth it?

You will discover that the result of your initial investment was worthwhile when you decrease downtime caused by employee injuries. A reduction in employee injuries improves your profitability and company productivity.

Can you design equipment that can be used for more than just one purpose?

CNC Solutions has expertise in FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) and robotics where a single piece of equipment has the flexibility to react to changes or change the order of any operation.

“By listening, we enhance and develop customers’ needs.”


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