Top Enclosures

Top Covers from CNC Solutions

The surface tension and cohesive properties of metal removal fluid cause the metal removal fluid to form droplets. When these droplets are dispersed into the air, they are usually called “mist” in the shop. Mist may have negative health effects on those working in metal removal operations. Mist-generating operations should be enclosed and ventilated, where possible. New machining and grinding equipment should be equipped with top enclosures and appropriate ventilation that minimizes the release of MRF aerosols into the workplace.

Providing well-designed top enclosures and splashguards can reduce employees’ exposure to MRF, as well as preventing the loss of MRF and improving the general cleanliness of the operation. Also, where effective splashguards are lacking, the machine operator may be tempted to avoid being splashed by reducing the flow of fluid to levels that don’t control the heat generated by the machining process. Overheating of cutting tools and work pieces can damage both and may lead to the generation of fumes or vapors.

We can also incorporate mist collectors into your enclosed machining center. Please call us for a quotation today.