Industrial Automation and Systems Integration.

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 CNC Solutions has the full capabilities to design, build and implement a fully integrated turnkey robot system for practically any robotic automation systems application.

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CNC Solutions LLC is an automation engineering company located in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin offering automation for the CNC machine tool and manufacturing industry in the Midwest and in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We also specialize in robotic programming as well as robotic repair and preventative maintenance. For industrial shops, we offer products ranging from machine tending systems, robots, robots, custom machine building, led lights for CNC machines in our online shop, and full size industrial robotic automation cells. Our online products range from CNC autodoors, CNC LED lighting, lathe lights, parts catchers, automatic CNC machine doors.

We are proudly serving the areas of Jefferson, Cambridge, Deerfield, Dousman, Edgerton, Fort Atkinson, Helenville, Hustisford, Ixonia, Johnson Creek, Juneau, Lake Mills, Lebanon, Oconomowoc, Palmyra, Reeseville, Sullivan, Waterloo, Watertown, Racine, Beloit, Sheboygan, Greenbay, Milwaukee, Madison,  and Whitewater, automation in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, Rockford, Chicago, and surrounding areas providing Automation, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Building, Maintenance, Software, Hardware, Monitoring, Communications, Factory, Operations, Automated, Integration, Electrical, Engineering Development, Concept, Metal, Workholding, Design, Production, Process, Machine, Lathe, Mill, Time, Finance, System, Safety, Management, Industrial Robotics, Robot, Fixtures, Power, Internet, Web, Mobile, Interface, HMI and Panel building.

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